Logo Design

Release the Full Potential of Your Brand

Leading company’s have discovered that brands, as well as their people, are their most valuable assets. A strong and timeless brand will provide substantial long-term benefits for your company.

At Luke Direct Marketing we believe the best brand will always start with a deep understanding of the consumer. That's why our design process begins with an immersion into your marketplace, the brand, and most importantly, we dive deep into the minds of the people most likely to buy your brand.

We take on a strategic and passionate approach when building your unique symbol and descriptive tagline. Not just a great look, we create a relevant design with the power to emotionally connect and to help you create relationships.

Video Design

Online video technology is the most powerful marketing medium available today. In order to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with today’s fast paced world, many businesses are using video as part of their promotional strategies. The use of video offers several advantages for a business.

Using video technology creates a more personal interaction between a business and its customers. The combination of both visual images and sounds is simply the best way to gain your viewers attention. It is much more efficient for someone to click on a video link then it is for them to read a page of text. Today people want fast and easy information, and video allows them to have that.

With the use of strong keywords, images and sounds Luke Direct Marketing designs videos that will gain your message, product, or brand high online recognition. Using video we can help you to improve your website blog visits, e-mail marketing, video ads, and overall branding. Studies have found that of the 69 percent of internet users viewing online video ads, 40 percent visited a website mentioned in the ad, and 15 percent requested product information.


Web Design and Mobile Application Development

Language of Geek...We Speak it Well

Luke Direct Marketing located in Omaha, Nebraska offers a suite of online marketing services including logo design, web design, search engine optimization / SEO, mobile application development, social media marketing, video development and e-mail marketing.

Today almost everyone researches online before buying products and services. Search engine marketing has shifted from anonymous website visits to creating interactive and social customer relationships. Luke Direct designs websites that pull in your customers, capture's their information, and connects them to your products and services.

Mobile Application Development

In recent years, mobile applications have soared in global popularity. From I-Phones to I-Pads, millions are using wireless devices for news, shopping, and entertainment purposes. At Luke Direct Marketing our highly dedicated team specializes in mobile application development. Whether for commercial or personal use, our team has created industry leading apps across vast digital networks.




With 20 years of marketing experience Tom Luke offers "Street Smarts" as a fringe benefit. Early in his career as Director of Direct Mail Operations for Parsons Technology he accomplished many business milestones. He's "been there" and "done that" in all mediums of marketing, and did it wiht clients that had the guts to seize an opportunity.

Tom has managed accounts that generate 18.3 million in annual billing for advertising as well as small clients that have just started in the industry. Whether the project is digitally produced online or is printed direct mail he has the depth of knowledge to make it happen. Tom has the expertise to help drive your business to the next level.

Remember, whether its a new or existing commercial venture, we can help your company establish brand validity and awareness. This helps generate both leads and revenue, while effectively marketing your products and services to mass audiences.

Contact us at 402.650.2917 for a free consultation.

Luke Direct Marketing is an Omaha Marketing Agency based in Nebraska.

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