Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing in 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing in 2022

Hi I’m Tom Luke with Luke Direct Marketing


And today I want to talk about WHY Video Marketing is BETTER THAN EVER!


First of all Videos have GREAT APPEAL.


AND involve BOTH the VISUAL and AUDITORY senses of viewers, drawing them in with both motion and sound. As human beings we process visuals 60,000 times more than we process text. Additionally, MOST of the information that comes from our brain is visual helping us to retain a video message FAR better than we will retain reading text.



Second – Video helps improve Search Engine Optimization


According to a recent HubSpot research poll, 66% of respondents said they visited a Marketer’s site after watching a branded video—proof that high-quality video content increases viewer engagement as it sparks consumer interest that can drive traffic to such a site of yours.


As Google’s model of machine learning continues to improve, the search engine increasingly recognizes thousands of a video’s image elements. Similarly, Google’s Video Intelligence allows Marketers to catalog key words in a video…affording a significant SEO advantage.


Now more than ever, the Google algorithm emphasizes pages that feature video content in search results. This development makes it increasingly more important for businesses to embrace video as part of their overall digital marketing strategy.


Third: Video Keeps Users on Pages for Longer Periods of Time


According to a recent TJ McCue article in Forbes, the average user spends 88% more time on those websites featuring video content, as opposed to those who do not. It’s a natural conclusion: give your visitors something to watch, and they’ll spend more time on your site…learning more about your business and warming to whatever it is you have to sell.


Fourth Video SIMPLY Converts BETTER


Adding videos to a product page can increase conversions by up to 80% or more, according to the Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics report. Conversions will increase if an image is replaced with a video. That’s because video gives a better idea of the product or service; AND because they are more likely to be engaged, they’ll remember the message. After watching a video, viewers are more likely to trust brands, and this trust can lead to conversions.


Fifth: It’s Easier to Share Video


According to Wordsteam data, Video on social media shares 1200% better than text and image content combined.  On platforms like LinkedIn, video is shared 20 times more often than other types of content formats in the LinkedIn feed, contends Sales and Marketing Solutions. Why are videos so popular? That’s a no-brainer: they entertain, educate and enlighten, and they even offer practical value through tips, tricks, and hacks.


Consider Video for YOUR Business


You should DEFINATELY consider adding video to your marketing strategy to see how video can mesh with your budget to help you reach your desired ROI. Decide which types of videos are most effective for your brand in order to MAXIMIZE your marketing budget…and then marvel at the difference that video will contribute to your bottom line.

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