Easily Build Lightweight Videos Using Facebook Slideshow Ads

Easily Build Lightweight Videos Using Facebook Slideshow Ads

Last October Facebook launched slideshows on Facebook and Instagram. Slideshow is a tool that lets advertisers easily build simple videos from a set of photos or an existing video.

Slideshow has quickly become a great asset for both large and small businesses who want an easy, low-cost way to share their story or showcase their products and services. Slideshows can be created in just a few minutes with little or no production costs and engage better then photo ads.

In August 2016 Facebook introduced new features to their slideshow ad product related to audio and text functionality, mobile creation and better integration with stock photo and page image libraries.

Add Text & Music

Now you can easily add text, select templates and choose colors to create a richer visual experience. Next you can choose from audio tracks of different themes and soon you will be able to upload your own audio tracks.

Mobile Slideshows On The Go

Using your Android mobile device you can now create slideshows on the go.

Use Photos from Facebook’s Stock Library

Don’t have photos of your own to use? Not a problem. It’s now simpler then ever to create beautiful eye-appealing ads with any creative of your own. Slideshow is now fully integrated with Facebook’s stock photo database so you can choose from thousands of stock photos, reuse photos from your pages photo library or upload your own new photos.

Turn Videos Into Slideshows

Upload your videos into the slideshow tool and easily turn them into slideshows. The tool will then automatically choose 10 image stills to use for building your show.

Try The New Slideshow Features Now

All of these updates are available to use now. If you need help using these features to enhance the power of your Facebook ads with fast, easy-to create eye-catching ads, get in touch with us today at 402-650-2917.

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