Facebook Retargeting – Target Powerful Ads to Your Website Visitors

Facebook Retargeting – Target Powerful Ads to Your Website Visitors

Ever searched for a product on Overstock and then seen it on Facebook?

That’s retargeting.

Facebook knew that you visited Overstock because Overstock placed a small Facebook code on its website. This then let Overstock automatically show you and ad based on the website URL you visited.

Even if you didn’t buy the product you were searching for, Overstock still has a chance to turn you into a customer well after you made a visit to their site.

People rarely purchase from you the first time they visit your site or see your offer. Rather then be impulsive they would rather take their time, shop around with competitors and visit your website a few times before purchasing.

Retargeting has become a valuable tool for advertising on Facebook. It allows you to place your ad in front of people who have already visited your site with personalized display advertising. Retargeting has even outperformed search, email and other types of campaigns.

Create Your Conversions Pixel

The most common retargeting approach is targeting relevant ads to people who have already visited your website (usually a specific landing page).

To create a targeted audience on Facebook of those website visitors you must first have a Facebook custom audience code in place. Then when someone visits a page with your custom audience code, they’re added to your custom audience list in your Facebook Ads Manager.

How Do You Know It’s Working?

Facebook makes it simple by placing a small green dot with the word “verified” next to your pixels when they are working correctly. To confirm if they are working all you have to do is visit a page where they are placed and then go back to Facebook and check. As long as someone has visited your page where your pixels are placed within the last 24 hours, they will show as verified.

Build a Facebook Custom Audience

Building a Custom Audience from your website is a powerful and effective way for you to reach people on Facebook after they’ve visited your website. It helps you to reach customers who’ve already show interest and allows you to run ads to them and continue to convert business.

To set up a retargeting campaign on Facebook to start converting your website visitors into customers, get in touch with us today at 402-650-2917.

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