Facebook Video Ads for Powerful Engagement & Less Cost

Facebook Video Ads for Powerful Engagement & Less Cost

Have you noticed more videos in your Facebook news feed?

Want to take advantage of the benefits of Facebook video for your business?

Facebook’s Autoplay feature means videos are more eye-catching than a regular post.

Plus, Facebook videos seem to get more organic reach in the news feed.

In this article I’ll share ideas to get more engagement and drive more traffic with your Facebook videos.

Recently I started a new video ad campaign for a book client called Unshattered Dreams. Facebook approved the ad at 3pm in the afternoon. I left work and went home. Before going to bed I checked the video ad campaign to see how it was doing and it already had been viewed 294 TIMES!!!


I don’t know about you but that was more engagement then I have ever had using regular images. Within 24 hours this video had been viewed almost 500 times. And whats more amazing is I was targeting it only to show on mobile and the cost per view was $.01. Also it had generated six new page likes. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Other Benefits of Using Video on Facebook:

  • Better way to inspire viewers
  • Great way to educate your audience
  • Video can be entertaining
  • You can use video as a Call-To-Action on your Facebook Page

Video is becoming much more important on Facebook. Make sure your video looks great on Facebook with these 4 tips!

  • Keep them short. Two minutes or shorter works best.
  • Use tight editing and good lighting in your video.
  • Have movement in the first two to three seconds to attract attention.
  • Use a good thumbnail image with no more then 20% copy.


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