How to Create an Engaging Facebook Posting Strategy

How to Create an Engaging Facebook Posting Strategy

Do you catch yourself just making random post to your Facebook Business Page when you have time? Is the quality of content you’re posting good enough to consistently engage your target market? Do you have enough followers to even make a difference?

It’s time to get serious about the way you convert business from Facebook. You need to create and follow a strategy—one that will get you more followers, keep you engaged and, when the time is right, convert customers.

Facebook Dominates
Facebook dominates social media with a platform share of 79% of Americans on their platform. WHY? Because you can target on Facebook more efficiently then on any other platform. With the ability to zero in using interest, demographics, and custom audiences, marketers can reach just about any target market. This allows you to reach only the people who have interest, and it keeps your cost down.

Create a 30-Day Plan
Just as with every other part of your business, you must to plan ahead for success. At Luke Direct Marketing we create and post powerful ads for our clients. In order to allow our clients to approve their posts and ensure follower engagement, we create posts one month prior to their post date. This strategy allows us to choose the type of post, write the copy, and create videos and images ahead of time. Planning ahead ensures a balance of selling and education against a background of a “fun quotient” that ultimately helps convert followers into paying customers.

Enough Likes/Followers
One of the most common mistake many small businesses make is they simply don’t garner enough Likes/Followers. With more companies sharing content—and because Facebook’s organic page reach is only 2% to 4%—it has become harder to attract and engage new followers. When you consistently invest a small monthly budget geared toward generating new followers, you also increase the amount of qualified prospects with which you engage. Additionally, boosting posts that are performing well to followers and their friends helps recruit new potential customers. Everybody wins.

Less Copy is More
Writing ad copy for Facebook is both an art and science. You have to keep it authentic, real, and relevant to your target market. The most engaging post are short and sweetly to the point; you often have little more than a nanosecond to snare someone’s attention. Your copy and image should blend to tell your story. Decide on the “one” thing you want people to know and promote accordingly. Be personal. Use words and phrases that indicate time—like “today,” “now,” or “this week,”—to add a sense of urgency. When appropriate, price listings can motivate people to buy.

Ask Questions
Questions get more likes then any other type of post. They are a great way to start a dialogue, and to engage fans. Questions are arguably the easiest way, and one of the best methods to get people to respond to your posts.

Asking questions is also a great way to persuade people to see your point of view. It allows you to gently poke holes in their arguments without directly opposing them.

Inspire Visually
The use of high-quality and creative images will help your followers invest emotionally, an integral component to the success of your posts. Evocative images play a huge role in attracting attention and developing engagement on Facebook. And here’s something not many marketers realize: When you know the right dimensions (ie: shared image 1200 x 630), you’re ahead of the game in avoiding pixilation problems and clumsy image text. Also keep in mind that if the proportion of text to image is too high, your post may not reach your full audience.

Inspirational videos typically generate 1,200% more shares and engagement than other types of posts. A quick-tip video can subliminally amuse as it teaches something useful to your audience. Entertain with informal, behind-the-scenes interviews at your company, or create something fun like a cartoon video that has a business purpose.

And, consider adding a Featured Video—one which is currently rolling out on Facebook. The material is more prominent, it’s placed above your “About” Section, and it’s larger on your “Videos” tab.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live requires only a video camera, an Internet connection and a Facebook account. The social media site does all the rest. Followers get immediate notifications to join your live-streaming video, and they can react to the video as it streams. Unlike competitors Periscope and YouTube, followers on Facebook need not watch the entire video to get to the parts that interest them the most.

Once your video streams live it remains on your page so followers can watch and react to it later. They can also share the video with friends and family, potentially increasing its reach.

You can use Facebook Live in many different ways, but a few good ways are showing “Behind the Scenes” content, Offering “Daily Updates” tips/helpful hints, and live-streaming your company’s events.

Posting Time
The best time to post depends on a number of factors that are specific to every business: What’s your industry? What location is audience-based? When are they online? Are you sponsoring your post?

According to a 2016 study by Buzzsumo, posting to Facebook during off-peak times, such as very late at night, and on off-peak days, such as on Sundays, leads to more engagement on average. However Hubspot, TrackMaven, Coschedule and Buffer all state that during the week early afternoon is the best time.

If you want to succeed on Facebook, your content—NOT the time it’s posted—must of course be the dominant factor. But each business should use their Insights data to see what is working for them.

Call To Action
Posts that include the word “share” garner nearly two times as many social actions (likes, comments, and shares) on average when compared to those that do not. Always use a call to action. TELL—don’t merely ask—your followers exactly what you want.

Likes are easier to get than comments. “Click like IF…” statements are one of the most effective available, and they can be fitted to anything. Use the call to action in everything you do.

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