How to Engage Using Facebook’s Algorithm

How to Engage Using Facebook’s Algorithm

What is an Algorithm?

A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

Why is Facebooks Algorithm important?

Facebook announced early in 2018 that they had updated their algorithm that users’ news feeds would focus more on posts from friends, family, and groups.

Facebook algorithm now deemphasizes so-called “public” posts from publishers and businesses. Instead, the Facebook algorithm aims to promote “meaningful interactions,” starting with prioritizing posts from friends, families, and groups.

Making posts that generate comments and shares is what works best now.

What can I do to help engagement?

Reply to comments as soon as possible to keep communication going.  – the algorithm boosts posts with replies to comments that keep the conversation going.

Keep creating quality content that’s meaningful, relevant, and authentic. – Brands that make posts that people don’t comment on or react to will see lower distribution. On the other hand, Pages whose posts spark conversations between friends won’t see that decrease.

Get serious about live video. – Live gets an average of six times a many interactions.

Keep a local point of view – Local news gets priority over national or world news.

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