Improve Open Rates Using This 2017 Email Assessment Checklist

Improve Open Rates Using This 2017 Email Assessment Checklist

As we move into 2017 it’s a good time to assess your email campaigns to ensure you’re providing customer-centric experiences that generate the best results.

Read through the following list of top email marketing general rules and trends to stay on top of your game.

Consistency – Consistently emailing on a weekly or monthly basis helps to generate trust, build relationships, and keeps you top of mind.

Targeting – Data-driven advanced segmentation or tagging emails will rule in 2017. Data science is making email marketing smarter by powering better automation and personalization.

Behavioral Data – Access behavioral data will help marketers dominate their competition. Emails will integrate consumer usage data like sites visited, apps downloaded, or games played. We will see a rise of (predictive) lead scoring and matching.

Mobile First – All age groups are now using their smartphones to check email. Experimenting with sending emails in the early morning or late at night may open rates.

Minimalist Templates – Mobile phones are now the most common device to access emails. With less space and minimal attention spans, email is getting shorter. In 2016 the sweet spot for email length was between 50-125 words.

Images – Less use of stock images. Real, in the moment, authentic slice of life type images are going to trend in email.

Video – Video converts 50% better then images and is the up-and-coming medium. Videos are becoming easier to create and deploy in 2017.

Dynamic Elements – Gifs and emojis are trendy on social and give your images action and help gain attention. A lot of email platforms now support them.

Compelling Writing – From subject line to the body copy. It’s all about compelling, creative content that tells a story about your brand and your products and services.

Auto-Responder Emails – Creating a time optimized series of email auto-responders allows you to gain trust and better convert prospects into customers.

Conversational Tone – Keep it real, be authentic and don’t take yourself too seriously. Write like you talk and ask questions that will encourage your customers to respond. A casual conversational tone will help your customers better relate to you and help to create a personal connection.

Design Revolution – With modular templates and meaningful content components less time will be needed in the design of email. New drag-and-drop technology makes email marketing simpler and more convenient.

List Size – Due to attrition it’s vital to consistently increase the size of your list with quality prospects.

Quality vs Quantity – Moving forward email will be about the quality of the customer’s experience and not the quantity of emails you send that will convert business.

Email Frequency – Find the right email frequency and cadence.

Multi-Channel – Integrate your email campaigns across channels. Email is a great tool for supporting campaigns on social and other channels.

Incremental Change – Change or improve one thing at a time and build on that progress. Each customer is an individual, and each change you can make to get closer to marketing them as individuals will help convert them better.

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