Navigating the Digital Marketing Labyrinth

Navigating the Digital Marketing Labyrinth

As a savvy business owner, you know how important it is to market your company by promoting your products or services online to secure the most profitable bottom line. You’re faced with a dizzying array of options—which sometimes seem to shift by the day—including your website, email, Facebook, Google, video, blogging, etc. How can you hope to get the best results as you set out to navigate the labyrinth?

Many successful businesses have discovered that by employing a professional, experience-centered, results-driven firm that specializes in digital solutions can make the daunting path less imposing—and eminently more profitable. There are many ways such an enterprise can explain, develop, and implement a strategy that will work for your business. These include, but are not limited to:

SOCIAL MEDIA. Despite a recent—and, some say, overstated—spate of unsavory publicity, Social Media continues to be one of the most viable avenues to get your message across. Facebook, notably, boasts more than 160 million businesses and a staggering 2.8 billion individuals who use the medium every month; its reach, and impact, do not appear likely to be going away anytime soon. A digital marketing professional can show you how to flex that power to the best advantage for your business. A few tips might seem obvious—keep your messages upbeat, entertaining, and informative, for instance—but one must also be aware of how to tap into demographics and use algorithms to effect maximum reach, to your target audiences.

AND THEN THERE’S EMAIL. It’s not enough to merely coax individuals to “like” your page or one of its posts; such trifling approaches often are not enough to drive sales. Too, one must be alert to the fact that Facebook might impetuously increase rates, become increasingly dictatorial, or perhaps even disappear entirely. A business should never put all of its “marketing eggs” in one basket and consider alternate approaches, and alternate uses. You own your email list and have control over it when it comes to your online business.

Facebook, naturally, affords a business many benefits, not the least of which is the ability to collect email addresses, which may be used to further inform a curious audience, make enticing offers to build loyal and consistent customers, and establish a long-standing bond to benefit both marketer and consumer for a long time, and in the long run.

MIND YOUR MARKETING EXPENSES. Sure, any individual or business can start a Facebook page, where the initial cost is nonexistent. But, once one begins to see the necessary challenges associated with paying for ads, boosting posts, and running sponsored stories, one wises up in short order. This is where a professional marketing team can step in to coach on strategy and advise the best—most cost-efficient—way to proceed on the path to prosperity.

The professional team at Luke Direct Marketing offer a wealth of solid experience and a viable understanding of the way digital media works in this exciting new era. We stand ready to assist with the aforementioned, and the many other challenges associated with creating and subsequently sustaining the optimum path for your success. We invite you to contact us today in order that we might assist you further in your journey.

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