Our Top 4 Marketing Priorities for All Businesses in 2016

Our Top 4 Marketing Priorities for All Businesses in 2016

The business world is an aggressive one and the competition is cut throat. You simply won’t succeed if you’re not aggressive enough in helping your business to grow.

No matter what the size of your business there are four digital marketing elements that must be in place to be successful. When these four are combined and are executed consistently over time and with quality content they form a powerful strategy for increased sales. Your business marketing visibility will also increase resulting in higher traffic to your website.

Lets explore the four core strategies in marketing and advertising that when used together compound your benefits.

It’s common for us to meet with a new small business owner who thinks they have an OK logo only to find they’re just using a piece of clip art or just copy as the name of the business. People don’t know what they don’t know. So generally I just educate them on what a logo needs to be to represent their company in a professional manner for success.

Your logo is the first impression that a potential customer see’s the first time they are introduced to your business. Your logo can either repulse or excite them enough to want to get to know you better. Generally there are three elements that make up a logo and they include:

  1. Your Business Name
  2. An Icon that is a visual representation of your business.
  3. A tagline that describes your business in 4-7 words.

Logo’s must also be:

Simplicity does not refer to mediocrity. It refers to the ability of a person to recall or recognize the logo quickly. The simplest logos are the ones that are very easy to remember or recognize easily.


Your logo must be easily scaled down or up. Different advertisement channels will need different sizes of your logo. Your logo must be able to scale in whatever direction without losing its identity.

Impactful and memorable

Your logo must create a psychological impact on the people who see it. It must tag at their emotions enough to make them fall in love with your business before the transact with it.


Your logo should look great on any type of advertisement channel; electronic or print.


Your logo must capture the essence of your business and communicate it accurately without loosing the primary meaning.

Your website is your online footprint and presence. You cannot afford to make a mistake with your site. It should be responsive on all platforms, allow visitors to find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks, have up to date information and allow visitors to quickly achieve what they need to do.

You must make sure that your website achieves two things:

  1. Provides all the relevant information needed.
  2. Has the ability to convert the visitor into a prospective customer.

A Leading Website Must:

Provide quality premium content

Content or information that is original, purposeful and is correctly optimized and draws visitors and search engines to view, read, share and follow. Quality content will raise your ranking on search engines while engaging your customers.

Be Relevant and contextual

Search engines like Google recognize and provide results that are relevant and contextual. Your website and the content contained must be Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Contextual also means the geographical location of the search engine user and the contextual topics within that area related to the keywords being searched.

Have lengthy content

All your pages must have content that is over 900 words. Fewer words means that you could potentially compromise on the information needed to optimize correctly.

Have quality photos and videos

Photos and videos say what words cannot say by adding visual and sound. You must make sure that you offer full disclosure of your business employee’s, products and services. Allow your website visitors interact visually with you and your business. Do not compromise on the quality of the videos and photos. Site’s that have high quality videos and photographs are ranked higher by the search engines.

Email marketing is a must for any business who has aspirations for growth. 91% of all consumers across the board check their emails every day. Email marketing is still the no.1 overall effective medium for lead generation by producing. on average, 17% of all leads.

A frequent question that is constantly asked is how to build my email address list. This is called lead generation. There are several options available to you to grow your email addresses list. Facebook Advertising is an excellent and proven way to build an extensive email list. To build a qualified email list, Facebook advertising must be high on your priority list.

Here are a few tools you can use to build your email list:

  1. A Sign-Up Form
    Incorporate a simple easy to fill out sign up form on your website and social media platforms. Create a dedicated tab that is inviting, prominent and easily accessible to all your visitors. As visitors sign up, they will fill in amongst other things, their email addresses. There are many different apps available to help in setting up a sign-up form. They are easy to install and manage. Your company’s IT department can easily install and manage it, or you can hire an IT tech to do the job for you.

    2. Offer FREE Downloadable Content
    Offer this content to all your site visitors and input a sign-up form as one of the steps to access this information. Make sure that the content is free and valuable to your visitors. Tweet, post and share this content availability on your website and on your social media pages.

    3. Promotions, Contests and Giveaways
    A sure way to generate leads from your emails is by offering FREE giveaways. Make sure that the giveaway or prize used in your campaign is relevant to your market. Make sure you adequately publicize your promotions and winners. Make sure that your sign up page looks like your campaign and is a logical step.

    Remember that email marketing is an ongoing work in progress. You want to build your email list consistently as you meet new people or have them sign up for offers, classes, etc. Make sure you send emails out consistently so you build trust over a period of time.

    Why Facebook first? Because you can target your market better on this platform then any other platform. It’s not just a channel to build up your email address list but is an advertising platform.

Everyday there are over 1 billion people on Facebook, over 1.5 billion searches, over 3 billion videos watched and over 7 billion likes on separate Facebook pages. The statistics don’t lie and your customers are here.

Work with an expert to learn how to successfully market on Facebook. Start posting videos and photos, launch dedicated business pages, create Facebook viral content, link your page to other related pages or a trending celebrity. The list is endless but the goal if to stand out and to generate relationships that turn into customers.

There you have it. Our top 4 marketing mediums needed to grow your business.

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