Facebook Advertising

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Quickly Generate Qualified Leads on Facebook

Maximize your message, grow your business, and attract new customers by advertising to Facebook’s 2 billion+ users.

Our award-winning team of writers and designers will create an effective ad campaign on the most powerful marketing platform currently available. We use its advanced tools–like FB Community Groups, FB Shops, FB Live–to create posting strategies that strengthen your existing base of followers and attract new customers. (Click here to download free samples of our clients’ Facebook posts.)

Our own Tom Luke, Owner & Sales Manager, is a Facebook guru. Not only has he used Facebook as a business tool for 7+ years, keeping current with its evolving trends and frequent community standards updates, he also regularly offers his “Facebook Advertising Strategy Class” to interested clientele. (Click here to schedule your class.)

Contact Luke Direct Marketing today. We’ll take care of your Facebook marketing so you can sit back and watch your business grow!