Show Up to 5 Images In One Facebook Carousel Ad

Show Up to 5 Images In One Facebook Carousel Ad

If you’re looking for a great way to advertise your products, services or promotions without having to create additional ads, try using Facebook Carousel Ads.

They let you show multiple images and links at once and can help:

Decrease your cost per conversion
Lower your cost per click
Send people to different pages on your site

Some things to know before you start your ad:

You can use up to five images in every Carousel Ad
Each image can have its own headline, text and separate link to your website
You can choose to let Facebook optimize the image order

Having more images and links in a single ad opens up new opportunities to talk about your business and achieve different objectives. Some creative ways to get the attention of potential customers are:

Show more products
Highlight multiple features
Create a larger canvas
Tell a good story
Show the steps
Change with the seasons

Tips for effective Carousel Ads:

Select high-quality images that contain less than 20% of text.
Upload square photos of 600 x 600 pixels, or a ratio of 1:1
Use the Headline space under each image for product names or benefits, price or percentage off, or a call to action
When using optimized bidding, set enough budget to help the system learn how to show your ad to more likely customers
View the enhanced reporting in your Ads Manager to regularly track your ad performance
Like the Carousel Format Page to see real examples of advertisers’ Carousel Ads

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