Take Customer Acquisition to the Next Level with the New Facebook Lead Ads

Take Customer Acquisition to the Next Level with the New Facebook Lead Ads

Are you running campaigns to generate leads on Facebook?

Have you heard of the new Facebook Lead Ads for business?

By Auto-filling mobile lead forms with user details, Facebook’s lead ads make it easy for people and more valuable for businesses to sign up and to receive your offers.

It’s Easy to sign up for more info from—anywhere

People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before, so Facebook created lead ads to give people an easier way to connect with businesses, wherever they are.

Lead ads make the ability to generate leads on the platform much easier. With the new Lead Generation objective, you can ask your customers and new prospects for their information, and, for the first time, they can provide it without having to leave Facebook.

The way it works is for you to show your ad to your target market, and if they’re interested, they’ll click the call to action for pre-filled with their personal information that they’ve already shared with Facebook.

The form is mobile-device friendly and designed for the least amount of typing possible. So it’s quicker for customers to reach you—and gives you accurate, actionable info so you can reach back.

Great uses for Lead ads

  • Newsletter or information sign-ups
  • Inquiry or interest forms for education, financial, or professional services.
  • Deals, coupons, and offers for retail or ecommerce businesses
  • Product demos, test drives, and sample request

Collecting Your Leads

At this time accessing your leads is a manual process. Facebook does not yet provide an option to import your leads automatically to a tool like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. (Hopefully this functionality will come soon.)

To Sum it Up

So far, preliminary test results have begun to build excitement for the Lead Generation objective. At this time, the leads generated seem to be pretty qualified and solid. Results appear to be promising, even when targeting high-end service professionals. With that in mind, this new option is likely to benefit you if you’re looking to create leads/emails. It will be interesting to see how this objective performs in the coming months.

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