The Most Important Components of a Top-Notch Website in 2015

The Most Important Components of a Top-Notch Website in 2015

Premium Quality Content

Quality written content is original, purposeful, and correctly optimized information that men, women and search engines are driven to view, read and share. Quality content assists you higher rankings by search engines and engages your customers.

Relevance & Context

Google is shifting towards analyzing subjects and context besides keywords. Search engines now understand the meaning of words and the way they are related to one another.

According to Search Metrics, Google’s algorithm recognizes good quality, relevant content rewards it high ranking.

Content Length

Top sites have 900+ words and phrases of content for every page. Tip: Concentrate on developing longer written quality content.

Ideal blog post length from a Search Engine Optimization perspective is between

2,000 – 2,450 words long. Ideal blog post length from reader’s perspective is 1, 600 words long. Sites with more effort in the copy occupy higher ranking positions.

Pictures & Video

Images are a very important part of websites. Google’s bots are blind they can’t read an image but if you use alt tags then they can read your image, but make sure the image is as relevant as your copy.

Video is of crucial importance when it comes to website rankings with Google. In the future if you don’t have video on your website, you are just not going to rank. It will make you last among equals if you don’t have them.

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