Top Quality & Engaging Facebook Posting Service

Top Quality & Engaging Facebook Posting Service

In just a few short years, Facebook has become the most important social media platform in the world. It has also emerged as a vital force for business as well.

Savvy businesses recognize the value in posting content that is engaging, and of high quality. A high-profile Facebook presence can help businesses like yours achieve better branding, drive traffic, and educate followers about your brands and services.

In order for you to retain current followers and attract new ones, it is essential to have a well-reasoned content posting strategy.

At Luke Direct Marketing, our Facebook posts are carefully researched based on your unique business and designed to grab attention from your followers.

A Good Posting Strategy Will:

  • Ensure consistent brand values
  • Sell your products or services
  • Spotlight your employees
  • Create visuals with every post
  • Deliver quality and relevant content to engage your followers
  • Use humor to engage, and drive repeat views
  • Respond to comments
  • Present your industry news and events
  • Post responsively, at optimal times
  • Pose questions to pique interest
  • Engage through giveaways and contests

So why is Facebook the top social media platform in 2016? Because your business can target there more effectively than through any other marketing medium. Period.  None of your marketing budget is wasted on irrelevant targeting. Additionally, there are 1.6 billion people on Facebook. Think your target market is there? It definitely is.

With Luke Direct Marketing you get a team. Every day, Facebook posting experts build your followers, provide quality and engaging post material, and monitor response so you don’t have to. We take this responsibility off your hands to save you time to ensure you can manage other aspects of your business.

Social media is a long-term relationship-oriented platform, but sometimes a specifically targeted Ad Campaign is what you need. To give just one example: you may want to collect emails from your followers and then respond, in kind, with email. Let Luke Marketing research and custom-design targeted Ad Campaigns to achieve success for your specific business objectives…all the while keeping you relevant in the world of evolving marketing.


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