What You Need to Know About Today’s Digital Marketing Experience

What You Need to Know About Today’s Digital Marketing Experience

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products, services or brands through one or more forms of electronic media. It is different and in some ways better since it allows marketers to analyze campaigns and understand what is working very quickly in real time. While the internet services like web design, search engine optimization and Facebook advertising are the most common services associated with digital marketing, others include wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcast, digital television and radio channels.

Digital technology is driving massive change in consumer behavior, prompting marketers to rethink the way we reach, engage and retain customers. Customers expect more from the brands they choose to do business with and, for marketers, the pressure is on to deliver.

Marketers in general now understand the most important aspects of a customers digital experience include:

  • Easy to find what your looking for
  • Easy to carry out basic tasks
  • You can achieve what you need to do in very few clicks
  • Up-to-date information
  • Website gives you the right level of detail
  • Website works well on a smartphone & tablet

The Importance of Mobile Optimization

Two ways that marketers can go the extra mile and truly delight customers right now is to include mobile optimization and personalization. With a greater understanding of our customers we can engage them with personalized experiences based on true insights derived from each customers unique behavior. Facebook is doing a great job of this by only showing relevant content to each person based on their previous engagement behavior. That is why each person who logs onto Facebook is on for an average of 20 minutes. When our customers have a good experience each time they connect with your brand they will tell their peers, seek you out, spread the word and become customers for life.

The New Basics and Going the Extra Mile

New Basic Attributes:

  • Website provides useful information
  • Website gives you the right level of detail for what you need
  • You can achieve what you need to do in very few clicks
  • Easy to carry out basic tasks online, e.g. book, order, download, pay
  • Up-to-date information, for example availability and pricing
  • Easy to find what you ‘re looking for

Extra Mile Attributes:

  • Website works on a smartphone and tablet
  • Brand predicts your needs, for example sends relevant offers that relate to your next potential purchase
  • Website information can be tailored to your requirements
  • Website integrates well with other touch points, social media and payment
  • The digital offline experiences contain moments of delight which make you want to tell your friends about it

The age of big data has enabled personalization in a way that wasn’t possible before and this is an area where marketers can really stand out and make a difference for clients. However, at the same time the exploding data volumes are difficult to get and keep a handle on to enable marketers to make the right decisions.

Consumers want brands they can trust, companies that know them, communications that are personalized and relevant, and offers tailored to their needs and preferences. Digital are relatively cheap compared with traditional media making them within reach of practically every business of every size. As a result, its becoming a lot harder to capture consumers attention.

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